What is VISIONS?


名称:VISIONS Asia Energy Resilience Forum

In 2011, the NPO BeGoodCafe launched in Japan the project VISIONS.

Through Forums and Tours in local communities, VISIONS aims at supporting sustainability efforts, sharing know-how and successful examples of community revitalization, as well as spreading socially good activities.

VISIONS also aims at building a network of people who are engaged in creating innovative ideas and solutions for social and environmental problems.

After 3 years of activities in Japan, VISIONS is ready to expand to Southeast Asia and increase its international network.

About Organizer


With the goal of creating a peaceful and sustainable society, our NGO was formed in 1999. Our key phrases are “Food and Agriculture good to the body and Earth”, “Environmental Protection”, “Poverty”, and “Peace”. Under these themes, we collaborate with private enterprises and public administration, open discussion at international forums, and cooperate with a wide range of partners to connect with many kinds of people to beautify our world through effective action.
Setagaya – Tokyo, Japan. President: Kiyoshi Shikita.